Freedom Leg Off-Loading Brace
Walk on the injured leg with Zero Weight on the injured foot, ankle or knee.
Price: $575
Sale: $395
The Voyager Seated Scooter
Provides unprecedented comfort and mobility for those recovering from a fullrange of foot, ankle, knee, leg or hip injuries.
Price: $495
Sale: $325
Glide Step Walker
Provides secure mobility for those with compromised leg strength or stability.
Price: $449
Sale: $349
The Innovator Folding Wheelchair
All the advantages of a rigid wheelchair with the convenience of folding. Ultra-light and durable. Optimized comfort & efficiency.
Price: $1195
Sale: $595
User Reviews on the new Freedom Leg Brace website
In the new Freedom Leg website our User Reviews section gives our customers a change to talk about how the Freedom Leg Brace improved their lives. With the use of their hands they could still live their lives and accomplish all their day to day tasks. Learn More >