Using Freedom Leg with Compromised Mobility

An important patient group for the Freedom Leg brace are those with compromised mobility. They would be unable to use crutches and have few alternatives.

The Freedom Leg in conjunction with a secondary device such as a cane or walker can give them safe mobility. The Freedom Leg can support their weight while the secondary device can provide additional stability.

One of the largest groups that fall in this category are those with Diabetic Foot Ulcers. The most important ingredient to getting the ulcer to heal is to keep the weight of it. Many people with Diabetes, especially the elderly, are not strong or stable enough to use crutches so they have not had many good options before the Freedom Leg. This has resulted in thousands of amputations each year.

The Freedom Leg is now showing great success is giving them the mobility aid that was needed to consistently off-load the foot and allowing it to heal.